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Transitional Kindergarten Afterschool

Classroom Erez (Cedar)

TKAS Afternoon Program Application

Preschool and TK Pricing 2020-21


We are excited to offer an afternoon program specifically designed for your Transitional Kindergartner at the JCC East Bay. This program will be part of the afternoon program in the JCC Preschool. 8 children from the public school will join 8 older children from the preschool. This program will be 5 days per week, Monday-Friday, September-June, from pick up at school to 6 PM.

Cantey Meigs, who has her MA in Early Childhood Education from Banks Street College of Education, is an alumni parent, and professional storyteller in schools around the Bay Area and leads the TK program. She is a strong teacher, and we are thrilled that she has become a part of the preschool staff, while still continuing to work with our children as a storyteller. 

What will your child's day look like? 

BUSD will drop off your child, or the JCC will bring them from their school, if it is a school we are able to service. Upon arrival, they merge with the morning Preschool children in their same age group and enjoy story time, snack, a choice of activities or free play.  

In the second part of the afternoon, after 3:30 PM, there will be varying special activities, such as play at Live Oak Park, storytelling, gardening, walks, cooking, art, Jewish holiday activities, or music, dance, and movement. These activities are followed by free play outside, if they have not been to the park. The whole preschool will eat a second snack together at 5 PM. 

On Mondays, we celebrate Havdalah and on Fridays, we celebrate Shabbat.  At the end of the day, until 6 PM, there will be quiet activities, or free play and story time.

For more information, please contact ECE Director, Ruth Petersen Shorer at 510.848.0237, ext. 122 or at