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Berkeley & Oakland Summer Camps


2020 CAMP 2 WAYS!



Join us for two weeks of virtual Camp @ Home from 9am-12pm, from June 15-19 or June 22-26.

Check out the chugim packet here: Camp @ Home Chugim Packet

Take a look at our June 2020 Poetry Corner Collection





CAMP @ BERKELEY: 1 Session... 4 Weeks...6+ feet apart = hilarious fun!


Join us for four weeks of in-person camp starting on July 6th.

Your campers will have the opportunity to really get to know their fellow campers as they will explore, create, and learn with the same small grade-based group and counselors for all four weeks. 

Check out our CAMP FAQ 

More Information:

Camp cell phone: 510.717.8625

Camp email:



Refund Policy (2020)

Camp @ JCC East Bay fees are determined each year and are subject to change yearly. Sessions must be paid in full by June 15, 2020 or you MUST be enrolled in an automatic pre-approved payment plan by June 15,, 2020. No refunds will be given for any session after this time. If there is a missed payment or declined payment, your camper cannot attend camp until this payment is made. There will be no refunds given should your camper not be allowed to attend camp due to a missed or declined payment.


No refunds for partial sessions will be given. You must sign up for the session dates as determined by Camp @ JCC East Bay. You cannot mix sessions, i.e. coming 2 days of one week and 3 days of a second.


No changes will be accepted after a session has begun.. No refund will be honored if notice is not received by the deadline stated. Sessions have limited space available and changes or additions will only be made based on availability.


If a camper is going to be absent for any reason, you are expected to notify the camp office. You are responsible for fees regardless of a camper’s attendance. If a camper is dismissed from Camp @ JCC East Bay due to a behavioral violation, no refund will be given.

Due to a change in Camp @ JCC East Bay's schedule, refunds for the affected reservations will be given if camp is unable to operate.