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Staff Directory



Melissa Chapman, Chief Executive Officer

Ron Feldman, Chief Financial Officer 

Aaron Atlas, Chief Operating Officer



Gerlee Urjin, Controller



Julie Iny, Senior Development Director

Rachel Barron, Donor and Board Services Manager

Adult and Community Programs

Sarah Wolfman-Robichaud, Director of Public Programs

Alystar Sacks, Program Manager, Young Professionals and Civic Engagement

Candace Goodwin, Family Engagement Manager



Eli Raskin, Marketing and Communications Manager



Rachel Cohen, Director of Operations


Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Ruth Petersen Shorer, Director of Early Childhood Education

Nicole Whear, Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education


Youth and Teen

Brianna Sommer, Director of Youth and Teen Programs
Nina Diaz, Director of Afterschool Programs

Berkeley Afterschool

Benjy Toczynski, Director of Berkeley Afterschool


Kids Club: Joaquin Miller

Leo Diaz, Kids Club-Joaquin Miller Director

Dane Fox-McGraw, Kids Club-Joaquin Miller Assistant Director

Kids Club: Cleveland

Crystal Carrillo, Kids Club-Cleveland Afterschool Director

Sonia Vazquez, Kids Club-Cleveland Afterschool Assistant Director



Natalie Garcia, Director of Facilities

Romulo Marania, Facilities Technician