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Holocaust Memorial Project 2012

The JCC East Bay is proud to be a part of this project with students from our JCC Afterschool-Oakland program. 

For the ninth year, the California State Assembly will recognize Holocaust survivors, children of survivors and World War II veteran liberators during California Holocaust Memorial Week. We will commemorate this week at the State Capitol in mid-April, 2012.

By collecting the stories of Holocaust survivors, we can give remembrance to the millions who lost their lives and ensure that their stories live on. To do this, we will coordinate with Jewish agencies and synagogues to pair students with survivors, second generation survivors or liberators. The students will conduct video interviews that will describe survivors' and liberators' experiences during the Holocaust. The videos will be compiled into a presentation that will be shown to the State Assembly and distributed.


Wilderness Torah - B'naiture

Wilderness Torah’s B’nai Mitzvah Nature Mentorship is a two-year, experiential program for youth aged 11 to 13 that uses nature as a vehicle to explore the transition from childhood to adolescence.  This groundbreaking program weaves Jewish teachings, story, and song with personal challenges, outdoor skills, non-parental mentorship, peer group community building, and nature awareness activities to provide an exciting, embodied way for youth to explore coming-of-age. A parallel parent group explores how to best support their children at this critical time. The program supplements traditional B’nai Mitzvah education or serves the independent family journey.

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