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Mission Statement


The JCC East Bay creates healthy communities inspired by Jewish values, culture, and tradition.


Our vision is to be a geographically accessible home that provides high-quality programs and gathering spaces throughout the East Bay to advance, nurture, and evolve Jewish communal life and contribute to the vitality of the broader community.


We support, complement, and collaborate with other organizations in the East Bay and Jewish communities.

We are a catalyst for relevant, meaningful, and inspiring experiences in Jewish life, culture, and community.

We reflect and celebrate the rich diversity of the Jewish and East Bay communities, and the complexity of Jewish identity and expression.

We are a nimble and flexible organization that experiments and tries new ideas, activities, and approaches to meet our mission.

We welcome and serve people across all ages and stages of life, and we seek to create connections across generations.

We are an inclusive, inviting, and nurturing home for individuals and families.

Core Strategies

We create healthy communities inspired by Jewish values, culture, and tradition.

Explore Jewish Culture & Tradition
Foster Learning & Inspiration
Build Interpersonal Relationships
Provide Gathering Spaces for Community Needs
Inspire Civic Engagement & Leadership
Nurture Physical Health & Wellness

Civic Engagement at the JCC East Bay

The Jewish Community Center of the East Bay serves a diverse community and people with various points of view. We provide space for civic discourse, offering opportunities to talk across differences, discover shared values, and establish respectful engagement.

The JCC East Bay stands for equal rights and safety for people of all backgrounds and faiths. We view this as a moral obligation. We welcome and support our diverse Jewish community, people of all religions, nationalities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, communities of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ community.