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Lehrhaus Judaica Circles

These programs are cosponsored by Lehrhaus Judaica. To learn more or to register, visit or call 510.845.6420, ext. 17.

Lehrhaus Zohar Circle with Daniel Matt

TUE: OCT 9 & 23 / NOV 6 & 20 / DEC 11 & 18 / JAN 8 & 22 / FEB 5
7–8:30 PM

The Zohar Circle, otherwise known as the foundational work in the literature of Kabbalah, will continue under the leadership of Professor Daniel C. Matt, using his epic translation and annotation of the Zohar.

Required text: The Zohar: Pritzker Edition, Vol. 4. Students should also have A Guide to the Zohar by Dr. Arthur Green.

Daniel Matt has published over a dozen books and has taught at the Graduate Theological Union, Stanford, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Lehrhaus Philosophy Circle: The Origins of Modern Jewish Thought with Yosef Rosen

WED: OCT 17 / NOV 14 / DEC 12 / JAN 23 / FEB 20 / MAR 27 / APR 17 / MAY 15 & 29
7–8:30 PM

Who are the “modern” thinkers that have informed and influenced how Jews think today? We will look at selected writers and consider their ideas in the face of the challenges that have confronted Jews and Judaism. This is a dialog across time to reveal what concepts and preconceptions we may be carrying, debating, holding, or discarding.

Yosef Rosen is an historian and teacher of Jewish creativity and is currently a Jewish Studies teacher at JCHS of the Bay. He has a PhD in Jewish Studies from UC Berkeley.

Lehrhaus Talmud Circle: Tractate Ta’anit—Acts of God: Religious Responses to Natural Disasters with Rabbi Dorothy Richman

SUN: OCT 14 / NOV 11 / DEC 2 / JAN 27 / FEB 24 / MAR 17 / APR 14 / MAY 19
9–11 AM

Rabbinic tales of drought, disaster, and charismatic holy men illuminate critical questions about power, ethics, and ecology in Jewish late antiquity. Through a reading of the Babylonian Talmud tractate Ta’anit (on fasts in response to drought), we will discuss how the Talmud challenges Deuteronomy’s claim that virtue can assure abundance and that misfortune is an unambiguous sign of divine rebuke.

Required text: The Koren Talmud Bavli Noé, Vol.12: Ta’anit/Megilla, Hebrew/English in print (several versions) or PDF