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The JCC East Bay Legacy Society

The JCC East Bay inspires, serves, and connects the Jewish community – and the wider community – today. By remembering JCC East Bay with a gift in your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy, you can help ensure that the JCC East Bay remains a thriving community for generations to come. With a legacy gift, anyone can leave a meaningful contribution to the future.

If you have already included a legacy gift to the JCC East Bay in your plans, please let us know. We would love the opportunity to thank you. 

Interested in becoming a member of the JCC East Bay Legacy Society? Click here to download our Legacy Declaration of Commitment (PDF). Send your form to our Berkeley Branch (attn: Julie Iny) or email


“Legacy giving is important to us because we want to ensure that these wonderful institutions will be ongoing, so that future generations can find the same joy and discovery of their Jewish heritage. L'dor V'dor. (From generation to generation)". 


– Nat and Bernadette Bitton

"The JCC of the East Bay has been integral to my family's relationship with our Jewish heritage. It is my hope that the JCC of the East Bay continues to reach an ever-increasing number of Jews of all backgrounds and allows them to discover and explore their own Jewish heritage and the wonders of Judaism. Legacy giving is way to ensure that this wonderful organization will continue to act as a home for Jewish life in the East Bay for future generations."

– Michael Tannenbaum and family

 Please contact us with any questions. We are happy to assist you.

About the JCC East Bay Legacy Society:

  • Legacy gifts are gifts you give after your lifetime–from your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy

  • There’s no minimum gift

  • Anyone can leave a legacy regardless of age, wealth, or affiliation

  • Many have set aside a small portion of their estates, like 5% or 10%, for the community 

JCC East Bay Legacy Society

(as of February 18, 2020) 

Anonymous (6)

Seymour Baruch*

Alexandra R. Bitton and Abraham Woodliff

Bernadette and Nat Bitton

Eva Bluestein*

Laura Chick

Steven Douglas and Melissa Heller

Julie Elis

Ilse and Phil Feiger*

Ron Feldman

Lauren and Andy Ganes

Nicki Gilbert

Melissa and Joshua Gold

Arthur and Carol Goldman

Robert Goldstein*

Leah Greenblat

Daniel Manes Haut

Harvey Zane Helfand

John Ifcher and Elizabeth Orlin

Julie Iny and Lewis Woods

Shirley Zuckerman Issel

Laura R. Katz*

Samantha Kelman

Benita Kline

Joshua Langenthal and Diane Halberg

Harald and Renee Leventhal

Mark Moss and Lisa Braver Moss

Janet Ozzard Perlmutter and Kermit Perlmutter

Elaine Pector*

Gladys Perez-Mendez*

Daria Redel 

Esther and Ray Redel*

Alissa and Dave Reiter

Evelyn Rice*

Maxim Schrogin and Karen Harber

Diane L. Scott

Dick and Susan Seeley

Ruth Petersen Shorer

Dolores and Stephen* Taller

Michael Tannenbaum

Amy Tobin

Myrna and Bill Vidor

Harry Dov Weininger*

Gerald Weintraub

Michael and Natalie Zatkin


 * of blessed memory