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Community Lunch

Community Lunch

MON and THU, 12–1 PM
Senior: $7, General: $10, Mitzvah: $14 (for your lunch and to subsidize someone’s meal)

Catered by Saul’s Restaurant and Delicatessen Join our community of older adults for a delicious meal twice a week. Healthy, balanced meals include dishes such as corned beef or pastrami sandwiches, and vegetarian options, with seasonal fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget the pickles! To go meal orders are available.

February 2020 Menu

Learn More: JCC Front Desk, 510.848.0237   

Older Adult Holiday Community Lunches

Rosh Hashanah: THU, OCT 3, 12 PM
Sukkot: THU, OCT 17, 12 PM
Hanukkah: MON, DEC 23, 12 PM

Senior: $7, Mitzvah: $14 (for your lunch and to subsidize someone’s meal)

Celebrate the holidays with a delicious meal, a nice schmooze, and traditions new and old. Join friends, community members, and our Shamash Resident for these warm, welcoming, and festive celebrations.


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