Staff Directory


Amy Tobin, Chief Executive Officer

To reach Amy Tobin:
Isabel Balee, Executive Assistant, 510.848.0237, ext. 154

Samantha Kelman, Chief Operating Officer, 510.848.0237, ext. 112

Ron Feldman, Chief Financial Officer, 510.848.0237, ext. 146



Noosh Yazdi, Accountant, 510.848.0237, ext. 121



Julie Iny, Development Director, 510.848.0237, ext. 129

Rachel Barron, Development and Membership Associate, 510.848.0237, ext. 132

Marketing and Communications 

Valerie Bishop, Marketing & Communications Manager
valerieb@jcceastbay.org510.848.0237, ext. 143

Adult and Community Programs

Rachel Whittom, Director of Adult and Community Programs, 510.848.0237, ext. 142


Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Ruth Petersen Shorer, Director of Early Childhood Education, 510.848.0237, ext. 122

Kaiya Shepard Garcia, Associate Director of Early Childhood Education, 510.848.0237, ext. 155

Candace Goodwin, Preschool Administrative Coordinator, 510.848.0237, ext. 147


Youth and Teen 

Kamela Jackson, Director of Afterschool Programs, 510.848.0237

Danny Stein, Director of Recreation, 510.848.0237, ext. 113

Berkeley Afterschool

Anna Stofle, Afterschool Berkeley Director, 510.848.0237, ext. 131

Steve Moses, Afterschool Berkeley Assistant Director, 510.848.0237, ext. 128

Oakland Afterschool

Amoy Brock, Afterschool Oakland Director, 510.595.9222

Margot Sands, Afterschool Oakland Assistant Director, 510.595.9222

Kids Club: Joaquin Miller

Andrea Gorham, Kids Club-Joaquin Miller Director, 510.482.7278

Dane Fox-McGraw, Kids Club-Joaquin Miller Assistant Director of Operations
, 510.482.7278

Kids Club: Cleveland

Nina Diaz, Kids Club-Cleveland Afterschool Director, 510.388.3455

Crystal Carrillo, Kids Club-Cleveland Afterschool Assistant Director, 510.388.3455

Club J Berkeley

Molly Reichman, Director of Club J & Maccabi Delegation Head, 510.848.0237, ext. 114 

Brianna Sommer, Assistant Director, Club J, 510.848.0237, ext. 141



Scott Harrison, Facilities Manager

Dominic Francisco, Customer Service Supervisor, 510.848.0237, ext. 110