Staff Directory


Amy Tobin, Chief Executive Officer


Ron Feldman, Chief Financial Officer, 510-848-0237 x146

Barbara Sutherland, Controller, 510-848-0237 x112

Noosh Yasdi, Staff Accountant, 510-848-0237 x121


Julie Iny, Development Director, 510-848-0237 x129



Chuck Weis, Facilities Supervisor, 510-848-0237 x110

Zack Lee, Front Desk Staff
Peter Bonos, Rentals Coordinator

Arts & Culture/Jewish Life

Elizheva Hurvich, Interim Program Manager, 510-848-0237 x148

Youth and Teen 

Michele Levine, Director of Youth & Teen Programs, 510-848-0237 x130

Cassie Brown, JCC Afterschool-Berkeley Director, 510-848-0237 x131

Sudha Darling, JCC Afterschool-Berkeley Assistant Director, 510-848-0237 x128

Rha Bowden, JCC Afterschool-Oakland Director, 510-595-9222

Ya'ara Persing, JCC Afterschool-Oakland Assistant Director, 510-595-9222

Abigail Boggs-Moura, Kids Club-Joaquin Miller Director, 510-612-1516

Rachel Taylor, Kids Club-Joaquin Miller Assistant Director, 510-612-1516

Ave Long, Kids Club-Cleveland Director, 510-388-3455

Daniel Malament,  JCC Maccabi Games Delegation Head, 510-848-0237 x151

Danny Stein, JCC Camp Tzofim Director, 510-848-0237 x113


Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Ruth Petersen Shorer, Director of Early Childhood Education, 510-848-0237 x122

Candace Goodwin, Early Childhood Education Programs Administrator, 510-848-0237 x147

Jewish Music Festival

Eleanor Shapiro, Jewish Music Festival Director, 510-848-0237 x126