Specialty Camps

The JCC East Bay Summer Specialty Camp program will offer week-long, half day, specialized programs at our Berkeley branch. These camps provide a wonderful opportunity by allowing your child to spend a week or more focused on their specialty in an enthusiastic yet intimate group environment. 

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This summer we’ll be offering the following camp programs: Art Journeys, Craft Camp with Gaily, Go Girls Theater Workshop, Mad Science, Roleplaying Adventure, Incrediflix (Animation and Filmmaking camps), Big Top Circus Camp, Mini Magicians, Skateboarding and Kid’s Carpentry. There is a half-day option (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm) or full day (9am-4pm, including lunch coverage).

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Full day option is available. Lunch will be supervised (12-1pm) by JCC staff for those campers who attend both a morning and afternoon Specialty Camp. 

We are excited to host Go Girls! Camp again this summer at the JCC East Bay Berkeley branch because they offer strong programs for our community and have similar passion in working with children.

For more information on Specialty Camps, please contact Cassie Brown at 510-848-0237 x130 or cassieb@jcceastbay.org 


Extended Care

Extended-care is available from 8:00-9:00am and from 4:00-6:00pm for an additional fee.

8am-9am Morning Care
Members: $30 per week, $14 drop in per day

Non-Members: $45 per week, $20 drop in per day

4pm-6pm Aftercare
Members: $55 per week, $30 drop in per day

Non-Members: $90 per week, $45 drop in per day


2014 Berkeley Branch Specialty Camps




AM Camps  9:00am-12:00pm


PM Camps  1:00-4:00pm



June 16-20




Craft Camp with Gaily

Role Playing Adventures (FULL)

IncrediFlix: Green Screen Film Making Flix



Craft Camp with Gaily

Role Playing Adventures (FULL)

IncrediFlix: Green Screen Imagination Flix



Go Girls! "The Go Girls! Legends Tour" (two-week camp)


June 23-27




Craft Camp with Gaily

Mad Science: Chemistry

Role Playing Adventures (FULL)



Craft Camp with Gaily

Skateboarding Camp (FULL)

Role Playing Adventures


Go Girls! "The Go Girls! Legends Tour" continues

July 4th Week



No Camps

No Camps


July 7-11


Pre-Engineering LEGO

Art Journeys

Kid’s Carpentry



Engineering FUNdamentals LEGO

Art Journeys

Skateboarding Camp


Go Girls! "Peace, Love & Go Girls!"(two-week camp)


July 14-18


Art Journeys

Kid’s Carpentry



Art Journeys

Mad Science: NASA 

Big Top Circus Camp



Go Girls! "Peace, Love & Go Girls!" continues


July 21-25


Incrediflix Lego

Mad Science: World Scientists 

Big Top Circus Camp



Incrediflix Filmmaking Flix

Mini Magicians



Go Girls! "Oh-So-Totally Go Girls!" (two-week camp)


July 28-Aug 1


Art Journeys

 Big Top Circus Camp

All about Animals



Mini Magicians

Mad Science: The Incredible Human Machine



Go Girls! "Oh-So-Totally Go Girls!" continues


Aug 5-16


Go Girls! "The Future of Go Girls!"(two-week camp)


Full day option is available. Lunch will be supervised (12-1pm) by JCC staff for those campers who attend both a morning and afternoon Specialty Camps. 


Camp Descriptions

All about Animals - (all ages, Member $130 | General $145)

Calling all animal lovers! In this camp students will learn all about animals through crafts, games and science projects. They will get to see and touch real taxidermic specimens, take home some creepy crawlers, and meet some live furry friends right here at the JCC!


Art Journeys with Karen Jackson - (ages 6-10, Member $240 | General $255)

Each week art camp will be based on different themes such as: Surfin’ Safari, Meet the Masters, Out of Africa, South of the Border, Passage to India. Campers will learn different art processes and techniques in the areas of drawing, painting, and 3-D constructions. Instruction will provide enough guidance for success and to help develop mastery of skills but enough freedom for personal creative expression. Most important, campers will have fun while having awesome art experiences!


Big Top Circus Camp - (ages 6& Up, Member $195 | General $210)

If you liked the Circus Skills chugim, get ready for Big Top Circus Camp! We’ll have the time to really delve into learning your favorite circus skills like stilting, acrobatics, pyramids and more! We’ll introduce new, exciting props and learn eye-popping physical feats. Stand on your head! Stand on your friend’s head! The possibilities are endless, because nothing is impossible when you work for the circus.


Craft Camp with Gaily - (all ages, Member $140 | General $155)

June 16-20, 9am-12pm
June 16-20, 1pm-4pm
June 23-27, 9am-12pm
June 23-27, 1pm-4pm

If you like making things that you can use, this is the camp for you. In the time we have we will learn how to sew and create anything from skirts, vests, and bags to stuffed animals and magnets.


Engineering FUNdamentals with LEGO® - (ages 8-12, Member $170 | General $185)

July 7-11, 1-4pm

Power up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO®! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as arch bridges, skyscrapers, motorized cars, and the Battletrack! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. An experienced instructor will challenge new and returning students to engineer at the next level.


 Go Girls! Camp Summer 2014  Go Girls! Thru the Ages

Go Girls! Camp started in 2008. But, Go Girls! have been around waaaaaaay before that! Since the beginning, girls have been bold & brave, saying yes to hard things, and changing the world. This summer, we take you on an artistic journey celebrating all of us Go Girls! of the past, present…and future.

Go Girls! is not just a summer camp. It’s a movement. Our mission is to ignite a compassion revolution by putting girls center stage. An internationally recognized social innovation produced by Glitter & Razz, Go Girls! Camp re-imagines the way we educate, nurture, and empower girls. In Go Girls! Camp, your 6-11 year old will collaborate with other girls in her age group to make and perform their very own play that we believe will change the world.

Session 1: The Go Girls! Legends Tour” - (ages 6-11, Member $630 | General $670)

June 16-27, all day 9am-4pm, two-week camp

Up, up & away! It’s time to jump into our time machine and take an adventure through time and space. We will get to meet the women and girls who can teach us how to break new ground, tell new stories, build new worlds, and become…well…legendary. Visit gogirlscamp.com. THIS IS A TWO-WEEK CAMP.


Session 2: Peace, Love & Go Girls! - (ages 6-11, Member $630 | General $670)

July 7-18, all day 9am-4pm, two-week camp

“Flower Power” just got reinvented…Go Girls! -style! When we girls see things that are unfair, we know we can use our super powers of peace and love to make them right. So, grab your bell bottoms and go go boots, this summer is gonna be outta sight! Visit gogirlscamp.com. THIS IS A TWO-WEEK CAMP.


Session 3: Oh-So-Totally Go Girls!” - (ages 6-11, Member $630 | General $670)

July 21-Aug 1, all day 9am-4pm, two-week camp

“Once upon a time, we grown-ups were kids, too. When we were your age, we wore florescent socks, played Ms. Pac Man, and thought about fitting in even though we wanted to stand out. Let’s, like, make a totally awesome play about it. Visit gogirlscamp.com. THIS IS A TWO-WEEK CAMP.


Session 4: The Future of Go Girls!–” - (ages 6-11, Member $630 | General $670)

Aug 4-15, all day 9am-4pm, two-week camp

Do we dare to imagine what Go Girls! will be like in 50 years? In 100 years? What will we wear? What will we do? How will we feel about it all? We Go Girls! of 2014 are pretty creative so, let’s figure it out! Visit gogirlscamp.com. THIS IS A TWO-WEEK CAMP.

Incrediflix Green Screen Filmmaking Flix (ages 7-13, Member $195 | General $210)

June 16-20, 9am-12pm

From the beach to a snowy mountain to the moon, the actors can be transported to almost anywhere. Shot with a green screen, kids will get to act, write, and direct in their own live action adventure movie! *Flix available for download within one month from end of camp.


Incrediflix Green Screen Imagination Flix -  (ages 7-13, Member $195 | General $210)

June 16-20, 1pm-4pm

Take your characters underwater, to a volcano, or even to outer space. In this exciting green screen animation camp, you’ve got no limits. In this camp you’ll brainstorm ideas, create your characters, film your movies in age appropriate groups with a green screen backdrop, select your locations, and add voice-overs. *Flix available for download within one month from end of camp.


IncrediFlix: Lego - (ages 7-13, Member $195 | General $210)

July 21-25, 9am-12pm

We know you love Legos and we know you can create incredible worlds. Now it’s time to bring those worlds to life in Lego animated flix! We provide the Legos, and you provide your imagination. Students will create a Lego set with Lego characters for a wmovie they storyboard, write, shoot, and voice-over in age appropriate groups. *Flix available for download within one month from end of camp.


Incrediflix: Filmmaking Flix - (ages 7-13, Member $195 | General $210)

July 21-25, 1-4pm

Are you the next star director? Actor? Writer? Cameraman? Of course you are, and you get to do it all in these live action flix! You’ll work in groups to make your vision come true in these movies where you’ll act, write, direct, and more. *Flix available for download within one month from end of camp.


Kid's Carpentry - (ages 7-11, Member $190 | General $205)

July 7-11, 9am-12pm
July 14-18, 9am-12pm

Kids’ carpentry is designed to teach boys and girls practical woodworking skills with an emphasis on the safe use of hand tools. By building a variety of fun projects, children learn a wide range of valuable carpentry skills such as measuring, fractions, sawing, drilling, rasping, fastening, sanding, shaping, assembly, and painting. Hand in hand with the practical skills goes a wide variety of other worthy concepts such as abstract reasoning, applied mathematics, problem solving, craftsmanship, fine motor skills, respect for tools, and patience. Additional $25 materials fee to be paid the first day of camp)


Mad Science: Chemistry - (ages 7-11, JCC Member $175 | General $185)

June 23-27, 9am-12pm

We’ll explore and create exciting chemical reactions, make colorful concoctions and bubbling brews. Amaze yourself with magical temperature changing baggie science or growing ghost crystals. Study the chemistry involved in not-so-simple things like chalk and soap, and even experiment with the chemistry used by artists, spies, and detectives! Chemists bring home a project each day.


Mad Science: NASA (ages 6-10, Member $170 | General $185)

July 14-18, 1-4pm

Mad Science and NASA’s after school program is now a summer camp! From our atmosphere to the outer reaches of our solar system, this hands-on program sends campers on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight and the challenges of space travel. Camp includes a take home item every day. Join us for Earth and Beyond, Astronaut-in-Training, Solar Launch, Eye on the Sky, and Space Voyage!


Mad Science: World Scientists - (all ages, Member $170 | General $185)

July 21-25, 9am-12pm

Spend time in the lab learning the tools and techniques that scientists use while conducting some great hands on projects. World Scientists will conduct solar experiments, explore predator and prey relationships and investigate food webs. Take a trip into the ocean to learn what an odontocete is. Discover systems in nature, even make your own paper! Learn animal adaptations and create an insect habitat. Scientists will also discover what Mr. Owl had on his dinner plate during the famous owl pellet dissection.. It’s a great week of camp!


Mad Science: The Incredible Human Machine - (ages 6-10, Member $170 | General $185)

July 28-Aug 1, 1pm-4pm

In this weeklong camp, children will have fun while learning about the science equipment they already own- the human body! Kids will explore the science behind cells, organs, muscles, and bones through fun, hands-on activities. Campers will use microslide viewers to see some of the tiny cellular machines that keep our bodies working and will play the "Cell game" to learn about the "stuff" inside cells. Fun experiments will help campers understand more about their senses, brains, breathing, circulation, and digestion. Children will create model cells, make Mad Mucus, a simulated stomach, assemle a model skeleton and much more!


Mini Magicians - (ages 6 & Up, Member $195 | General $210)

July 21-25, 1pm-4pm
July 28-Aug 1, 1pm-4pm

Ever wanted to read your friends' minds, make objects levitate, or cause something to vanish in front of your very eyes? Then Mini Magicians Camp is for you! In just one week you'll learn and take home fifteen magic tricks that will dazzle your friends and family!


Pre-Engineering LEGO® - (ages 5-7, Member $170 | General $185)

July 7-11, 9am-12pm

Let your imagination run wild with tens of thousands of LEGO®! Build engineer-designed projects such as boats, bridges, mazes and motorized cars, and use special pieces to create your own unique design! Explore the endless creative possibilities of the LEGO® building system with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. This is an ideal way to prepare young builders for the challenge of Engineering FUNdamentals.  


Role-playing Adventure - (ages 7-12, Member $140 | General $155)

June 16-20, 9am-12pm
June 16-20, 1pm-4pm
June 23-27, 9am-12pm
June 23-27, 1pm-4pm

Role-playing Adventure offers you the chance to enter a strange world of magic, dragons, knights and elves through classic paper-and-dice role-playing games. You will get to build your own character and get a customized character sheet you can take home. You will go on an adventure together solving puzzles, fighting enemies and completing quests. Role-playing Adventure is also a fun way to develop reading and math skills, and encourages teamwork, creative problem solving, imaginative thinking, and good listening.


Skateboarding Camp - (ages 6-12, Member $170 | General $185)

June 23-27, 1pm-4pm

Jordan Richter Skateboarding Academy (JRSA) summer camps provide expert guidance for beginning and intermediate riders, in a safe and fun-filled environment. JRSA skate camps encourage skill development, communication, camaraderie and personal growth among students. Our positive and enthusiastic staff are trained to instill self-confidence, the love of a healthy lifestyle and teamwork in every participant. We endeavor to teach real skills, both physical and mental, which all-young people can benefit from. The exhilarating freedom of rolling, turning and catching air is undoubtedly a memorable experience that your child will value for years to come.


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For more information on Specialty Camps, please contact Cassie Brown at 510-848-0237 x130 or cassieb@jcceastbay.org