Rishonim - Starters

Entering Kindergarten in Fall 2017

This camp caters to the newest members of our Camp Tzofim family, our kindergarteners! In a safe, flexible environment—with one counselor for every six children—campers can begin exploring their interests with thoughtfully designed, age-appropriate activities. Each week introduces a special theme, but also allows for plenty of traditional camp experiences like music, art, sports, and science and nature projects. Each week also includes swim lessons.

When Rishonim campers arrive at camp every day, they get an opportunity to wake up, move, and sing at Kumzits, our daily song session. Following Kumzits, campers will be able to participate in one or more traditional camp experiences; art, music, science, nature, sports, swim lessons, and free swim which brings them right up to lunch time. After lunch, our Rishonim campers will have a choice of different activities to participate in. These activities, called chugim, change daily and offer campers an opportunity to participate in activities more catered to their personal interests, and include everything from specialized art projects to dancing. The campers end their day by coming together with the rest of the camp to sing a few camp songs, tell jokes, perform skits, and eat a snack. Rishonim offers incoming kindergartners an opportunity to have fun, be safe, and make new friends!